Certified Reference Material (CRM) OREAS 254 was prepared from a blend of gold-bearing Wilber Lode oxide ore from the Andy Well Gold Project and barren Quaternary basaltic scoria sourced from a quarry north of Melbourne, Australia. The Wilber Lode is a shear- hosted, narrow vein, quartz lode-style gold deposit situated within the Meekatharra-Wydgee greenstone belt in the Archaean Yilgarn Craton of Western Australia. The common primary mineral assemblage as stated by Mason and Harris (2011, 2012, cited in Hingston et al, 2014) is quartz, calcite, chlorite, fuchsite, pyrite, galena, sphalerite, chalcopyrite and gold. The host rock consists of a complex sequence of weathered Archaean meta-basalt and meta-porphyritic rocks derived from a primary mineralogy of albite, actinolite, chlorite, sericite, biotite, calcite, zoisite, muscovite, quartz and titanate. The Andy Well deposit is located approximately 45km north of Meekatharra in the Murchison region of Western Australia. OREAS 254 is one of a suite of five oxide gold CRMs ranging in gold content from 1.2 to 14ppm.

Analyte Certified Value 1SD 95% Confidence Limits Low 95% Confidence Limits High Method
Au, Gold (ppm) 2.55 0.076 2.53 2.58 Pb Fire Assay
Au, Gold (ppm) 2.50 0.093 2.46 2.54 Aqua Regia Digestion
SG, Specific Gravity (Unity) 2.97 0.049 2.95 2.99 Gas / Liquid Pycnometry
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This CRM is no longer available.
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