For over 30 years we have fostered a culture of forward thinking, keeping us at the forefront of CRM technology to better serve our clients and contribute to the industry. As one of the longest established producers, we’ve forged a proud history of innovation with many industry firsts.
Here are some of our achievements:

  • pioneering the reduced analytical sub sample method, based on high precision neutron activation analysis and the Sampling Constant, to demonstrate an unparalleled level of homogeneity in all OREAS® gold CRMs
  • guarantee of homogeneity of gold and PGE CRMs from all ore types
  • introduction of single-use unit using flexible wall packaging
  • introduction of low cost 10g packaging for non-precious metal CRMs
  • introduction of inert gas packaging as standard practice for all sulphide-bearing ore grade CRMs
  • introduction of SuperCRMs® featuring certification of complete ICP-OES and ICP-MS elemental suites (up to 179 analytes per CRM) by a range of digestion methods
  • Pigeon-pair CRMs
  • pXRF kits
  • Creation of a powerful CRM-specific database management system to provide best-in-class certification enabling full transparency and traceability of inter-laboratory results and summary statistics in an easy to use platform for clients.
  • 12 tonne batches
  • Website search filter by assay method