OREAS 262b

OREAS 262b was prepared from a blend of gold-bearing oxide ore from one of the Sepon gold deposits and barren mudstone sourced from a quarry east of Melbourne, Australia. The Sepon Mineral District stratigraphy comprises Devonian to Carboniferous aged continental fluvial and shallow to deep marine sediments deposited in a half graben basin. Gold mineralisation is localised in structural and stratigraphic fluid traps similar in style to the sediment-hosted gold deposits of the Carlin Trend, Nevada, USA. Mineralisation is finely disseminated and closely associated with decalcification and variable silica replacement of calcareous rocks along structures and at lithological contacts. Twenty-two commercial analytical laboratories participated in the program to certify:

  • Gold by fire assay;
  • Gold by 15-50g aqua regia digestion;
  • Gold by 5-200g cyanide leach;
  • Full ICP-OES and ICP-MS elemental suites by 4-acid digestion;
  • Full ICP-OES and ICP-MS elemental suites by aqua regia digestion.
Note: Analyte values are indicative only and may change when certified.

Analyte Indicative Value 1SD Expanded Uncertainty Low Expanded Uncertainty High Method
Au, Gold (ppm) 0.107 TBD TBD TBD Pb Fire Assay
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