OREAS 503 is a porphyry Au-Cu-Mo-S CRM prepared from Au-Cu ore and waste rock samples from a porphyry copper-gold deposit located in central western New South Wales, Australia with the addition of a minor quantity of Mo concentrate.

Mineralisation in the region is hosted by a sequence of late Ordovician to Early Silurian volcanics, intrusives and sediments that occur within the Bogan Gate Synclinorial Zone of the Lachlan Fold Belt. The western portion of this zone is dominated by volcanics and host to the Late Ordovician Goonumbla porphyry copper-gold deposits. These volcanics are interpreted to have erupted from shallow water to partly emergent volcanic centres and show a broad range in composition from shoshonite through to latite to trachyte.

Coeval sub-volcanic quartz monzonite porphyries (and attendant mineralisation) have intruded the volcanics. They are generally small, sub-vertical, pipe-like intrusives. Typically the mineralised porphyries contain plagioclase and quartz phenocrysts in a matrix of fine-grained potassium feldspar and quartz with minor biotite and hornblende.

Copper-gold mineralisation occurs as stockwork quartz veins and disseminations associated with potassic alteration. This alteration is intimately associated spatially and temporally with the small finger-like quartz monzonite porphyries that intrude the Goonumbla Volcanics. Sulphides are zoned laterally from the centres of mineralisation. The central portions are bornite-rich with minor chalcopyrite, zoning outward through equal concentrations of bornite and chalcopyrite, to an outermost chalcopyrite-rich zone. Pyrite increases outward at the expense of bornite.

Analyte Certified Value 1SD 95% Confidence Limits Low 95% Confidence Limits High Method
Au, Gold (ppm) 0.687 0.024 0.676 0.697 Pb Fire Assay
Cu, Copper (ppm) 5658 150 5585 5730 4-Acid Digestion
Mo, Molybdenum (ppm) 390 19 381 399 4-Acid Digestion
Ag, Silver (ppm) 1.63 0.124 1.56 1.70 4-Acid Digestion
S, Sulphur (wt.%) 0.724 0.018 0.714 0.734 4-Acid Digestion
Au, Gold (ppm) 0.658 0.046 0.624 0.692 Aqua Regia Digestion
Cu, Copper (ppm) 5634 134 5572 5696 Aqua Regia Digestion
Mo, Molybdenum (ppm) 382 19 373 391 Aqua Regia Digestion
S, Sulphur (wt.%) 0.716 0.035 0.698 0.735 Aqua Regia Digestion
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This CRM is no longer available.
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