Reference material OREAS 52c is a porphyry Au-Cu-Mo-S standard prepared from Au-Cu ore and waste rock samples from a porphyry copper-gold deposit located in central western New South Wales, Australia with the addition of minor Mo concentrate.

Mineralisation in the region is hosted by a sequence of late Ordovician to Early Silurian volcanics, intrusives and sediments that occur within the Bogan Gate Synclinorial Zone of the Lachlan Fold Belt. Copper-gold mineralisation occurs as stockwork quartz veins and disseminations associated with potassic alteration. This alteration is intimately associated spatially and temporally with the small finger-like quartz monzonite porphyries that intrude the Goonumbla Volcanics.

Analyte Certified Value 1SD 95% Confidence Limits Low 95% Confidence Limits High Method
Au, Gold (ppb) 346 17 338 353 Pb Fire Assay
Cu, Copper (wt.%) 0.344 0.009 0.339 0.348 4-Acid Digestion
Mo, Molybdenum (ppm) 267 15 260 275 4-Acid Digestion
S, Sulphur (wt.%) 0.471 0.015 0.463 0.479 4-Acid Digestion
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This CRM is no longer available.
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