OREAS 59d is one of four Cu-Au-As-Co-Fe-Mo-Ni-S certified reference materials (CRM’s) prepared from iron ore copper gold (IOCG) ore sourced from Cloncurry, Qld, Australia. The IOCG deposit is hosted in Proterozoic rocks of the Mt Isa Inlier and primary mineralisation is intimately associated with felsic to intermediate volcanic breccias. The breccias are rich in magnetite and disseminated sulphide mineralization.   
Analyte Certified Value 1SD 95% Confidence Limits Low 95% Confidence Limits High Method
Cu, Copper (wt.%) 1.47 0.050 1.42 1.52 Aqua Regia Digestion
Au, Gold (ppm) 0.801 0.030 0.784 0.819 Pb Fire Assay
Co, Cobalt (ppm) 899 64 854 944 Aqua Regia Digestion
As, Arsenic (ppm) 820 31 791 850 Aqua Regia Digestion
Fe, Iron (wt.%) 26.80 1.490 25.70 28.00 Aqua Regia Digestion
Mo, Molybdenum (ppm) 310 29 284 337 Aqua Regia Digestion
Ni, Nickel (ppm) 68 5.3 63 72 Aqua Regia Digestion
S, Sulphur (wt.%) 3.70 0.410 3.23 4.17 Aqua Regia Digestion
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This CRM is no longer available.
Information is provided for reference only.

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