OREAS 992 is a copper sulphide certified reference material (CRM) prepared from a nickel matte by-product during the refining process at a nickel refinery. It has been prepared, packaged and certified by Ore Research & Exploration P/L.

PLEASE NOTE: The values and statistics provided for moisture (H2O-) should be used as indicative only as moisture content is influenced by the hygroscopy of the mineral constituents of the CRM and will equilibrate to the ambient temperature and humidity. 

Analyte Certified Value 1SD 95% Confidence Limits Low 95% Confidence Limits High Method
Cu, Copper (wt.%) 43.90 0.180 43.76 44.03 Classical Wet Chemistry
S, Sulphur (wt.%) 36.97 0.557 36.57 37.36 Infrared Combustion
H2O-, Moisture @105°C (wt.%) 3.58 0.576 3.23 3.93 Thermogravimetry
Certificate DataPack SDS NRAM (255 KB)

This CRM is no longer available.
Information is provided for reference only.