As responsible citizens of the Earth, collectively we must all care for our environment and adhere to applicable environmental laws, regulations and voluntary commitments to reduce our negative impacts. The mining industry exists to produce materials essential to human progress in our modern world. OREAS® exists to support miners, explorers and chemists in conducting their business in the most efficient and responsible manner. The performance of our products can directly impact substantial investment in resource procurement, something we don’t take lightly and further encourages our R&D personnel to stay at the forefront, helping the scientists we serve be as efficient and precise as possible.

Our approach to mitigate environmental impact includes:

  • Maintaining a safe, responsible and viable business
  • Powering our facility from 100% renewable resources
  • Energy reduction management policy
  • Water conservation and collection on site
  • Waste reduction and recycling program
  • Annual donations to climate mitigation programs and non-for-profit philanthropist organisations