Six New Gold Ore CRMs

We’re pleased to announce the release of a suite of six new gold ore CRMs (OREAS 284 to OREAS 289; 0.4 to 5.7ppm Au) prepared from a blend of ores and barren granodiorite. The ores were sourced from the Loulo-Gounkoto Complex in Western Mali. The certification program includes:

  • Au by 25-40g fire assay with ICP-OES or AAS finish
  • Gold by Chrysos’ PhotonAssay™ (protocol PAAU02) on ~330g sample weights
  • Au by aqua regia digestion (10-50g sample weight) with AAS or ICP finish
  • Au by cyanide leach (5-200g sample weight) with ICP or AAS finish
  • Full elemental suites by 4-acid (HCl-HNO3-HF-HClO4) digestion with ICP-OES and MS finish
  • Full elemental suites by aqua regia digestion wth ICP-OES and MS analysis
  • Total S by IR combustion furnace (Leco)

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