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Why Choose ORE?

Uncompromised Quality
Uncompromised Control

ORE offers a complete CRM service, including preparation, packaging and certification to ISO recommended protocols. ORE’s extensive crushing, milling, blending and packaging facilities are housed in separate buildings dedicated to the production of quality assured CRMs.

ORE has been producing certified reference materials (CRMs) for over 20 years. The production of CRMs, both the OREAS range and site specific (custom), is ORE’s core business. ORE also conducts Laboratory Proficiency Evaluations for several clients.

ORE is highly respected internationally, with over 400 clients worldwide. The ORE Assay Standards (OREAS) range of CRMs have been developed specifically for the mining industry. ORE is proud to boast a high level of repeat business from many satisfied clients, ranging from major mining corporations to mid-tier and junior miners along with numerous commercial laboratories.

Clients of our matrix matched CRMs service benefit from our extensive experience in the production of precious, base metal, REE and lithogeochem materials. We have produced CRMs for numerous ore types including:

  • Gold
  • Gold-silver
  • Gold-copper-(molybdenum)
  • Copper
  • Copper-gold-uranium
  • Copper-molybdenum
  • Iron
  • Nickel laterite
  • Nickel sulphide
  • Zinc oxide
  • Zn-Pb-Ag sulphide and oxide
  • Polymetallic (Au-Cu-Zn-Pb-Ag)
  • Platinum group elements
  • Tungsten
  • Uranium
  • Rare Earth Elements (REE)
  • Manganese
  • Phosphate
  • Concentrates, tails and related metallurgical materials
  • Tin
  • Molybdenum
  • Chromium
  • Phosphorous
  • Niobium-tantalum
  • Multi-element lithogeochem

ORE is able to offer quality assurance on the homogeneity of all CRMs produced, regardless of the nature of source materials.

The clear level of homogeneity exhibited by ORE’s CRMs means that observed variance can be attributed almost exclusively to laboratory measurement error. Homogeneity test results are included in all Certificates of Analysis with all ore grade gold CRMs undergoing stringent homogeneity testing by neutron activation analysis at a reduced analytical subsample size of 0.5 grams. In over 20 years ORE has not produced a Custom or OREAS CRM that was uncertifiable due to poor repeatability (i.e. unacceptably high SD).

ORE CRMs can be used to directly and quantitatively evaluate laboratory analytical precision and accuracy, without the ambiguity associated with products of lesser quality.

OREAS CRMs are produced in substantial quantities and intended for routine use as an integral component of a quality assurance and quality control program where continuous monitoring of the integrity of analytical data is critical. ORE uses an established network of world class analytical laboratories in round robin certification programs.

OREAS CRMs are prepared from natural geological materials and cover many styles of mineralisation, such as epithermal, mesothermal lode, PCD, IOCG, SEDEX, BHT, skarn, komatiite-hosted nickel sulphide, etc. ORE is experienced in producing CRMs from tailings, concentrates (copper, zinc, lead, nickel) and related downstream metallurgical products. OREAS CRMs are well characterised, generally by evaluation at a minimum of 15 recognised mineral testing laboratories.

Available in either single use packaging (eg. 10 to 60 gram units) in robust laminated foil pouches with erasable labels or wide mouth jars, ORE utilises four fully-automated packaging lines with inert gas flushing and vacuum sealing for unstable materials.